Artificial Intelligence in Motorbike Manufacturing

Okay, let us go into the article step by step. When humans first invented the wheel, it was mainly to transport food (animal bodies they hunted). And as time went, the wheel was employed in bullock carts to move from one place to another. Then the Industrial Revolution happened in England, as [...]

5 Reasons to Visit Jibhi right now

Jibhi is a mesmerizing valley in the lap of Himalayas where the time has stopped and it welcomes everyones with a peaceful hug as soon as you keep your first feet into the paddy fields of Jibhi. Jibhi is long away from all the chaos of Himachal Pradesh and you can reach [...]

The Best Binoculars for Bird-Watching

Binoculars are the most essential tools for bird-watching. If you are a bird lover, and you would want to go for birding or bird-watching, you always need to carry the right pair of binoculars. They will help you to see the birds that are far away or hidden somewhere, and will also [...]

How Have Motorbike Feature Designs Changed Over The Years?

Just visualize for a moment. You wanted to go to a destination 10 km from your present destination in the shortest possible time. So what is the easiest way? By public transport, bike and car, you can reach the place. But remember the situation, millions of years ago. Your human ancestors have [...]

ASUS MB169C+ Portable monitor Review

Before the ASUS MB169C+ we had its predecessors which were good but are not as good as the ASUS MB169C+ portable monitor. Matter of fact, MB169C+ is the enhanced version of the ASUS MB169B+ with lots of changes made to it. This time the ASUS MB169C+ came up more productive and faster [...]

Virat Kohli: The Indian Run Machine

If you are a cricket lover or Virat Kohli fan, then this post is for you because here in this post we are going to discuss  Virat Kohli ODI record along with his ODI profile and country-wise distribution of his ODI century. He made his debut in 2008 against Sri Lanka, and [...]

How To Live Life Without Any Stress & Pressure

There is always some fear inside us. Sometimes fear of getting something, and then fear of losing it. Sometimes fear of doing something, and sometimes fear of not doing anything. When we were in our childhood we used to live your life freely. Even if we look at children, we will see [...]

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in India

We have created slight modifications within the list as per the dynamic circumstances. we've got additionally additional few destinations that we predict ought to be mentioned here. [divider] I have not done a high five list for an extended time currently, and with Summer Holidays on, i assumed it had been an [...]

Why Young Athletes Need Proper Nutrition?

All kids are required to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should kids who play sports need to follow the same diet? No, as athletes have different nutrition and calorie requirements. Athletes have no taste buds, certain foods either may need to be avoided or included in an athletes’ diet [...]