ASUS MB169C+ Portable monitor Review

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ASUS MB169C+ Portable monitor Review

Before the ASUS MB169C+ we had its predecessors which were good but are not as good as the ASUS MB169C+ portable monitor. Matter of fact, MB169C+ is the enhanced version of the ASUS MB169B+ with lots of changes made to it. This time the ASUS MB169C+ came up more productive and faster and guess what? It’s proved to be a best portable monitor ranking on the top 10 lists of the many sites like leopardots, technpick and 10kreviews. But anyway I would like to let you know more about it like its features, specs and design. So let’s hop over to that shortly.

ASUS MB169C+ Design:

Panel like ASUS MB169C+ is a best portable monitor with the elegant and attractive design. The amazing thing is that the ASUS MB169C+ comes with the protection case that can also open a stand. It’s a better than having a separate stand on the portable monitor. It’s also good in dimensions which means you’re having a 379W x 236H x 8.5D portable monitor.
The dimensions of the ASUS MB169C+ are what make it the slimmest one in the fray. I am not saying that there aren’t any other slimmest portable monitors on the market. Of course there are some but the ASUS MB169C+ is the best one among them.
Moreover, with the weight almost 800 grams, the portable monitor is easy to lift and carry around with you. We’re not done here because the portable monitor has this amazing protection shield that helps in keeping the monitor away from scratches during traveling. You’re also provided with all the buttons that are required for using the main menu.

ASUS MB169C+ Specs and Features:

Most of the portable monitors you would have seen are powered with the TN-panel which I am not saying that it’s a bad one. Of course it’s the best one but the ASUS MB169C+ is having the IPS-Panel is a better of course better than the TN-Panel.
The display quality is at its best. Which means when get the ASUS MB169C+, it will give you better and rich colors. It’s always our goal to get the portable monitor with the rich crisp and clear images. ASUS MB169C+ has exactly the same display with the contrast ratio of 700:1 and the resolutions of 1920×1080 pixels.
Moreover, what more important is the aspect ratio 16:9. On the other hand, the brightness is also our priority here. So here on the ASUS MB169C+ we have the 220 cd/m2. Moreover, the portable monitor only requires a 7 watt of current which is the same as many other best usb powered portable monitors.
After all of the good things that the ASUS MB169C+ offers, it has the dome problems to it too. After you connect the portable monitor, it sucks in the battery pretty fast as compare to others. But that’s not a bigger problem because most of the portable monitors does that.
It’s an enhanced version of the ASUS MB169C. It means we have some differences in the series. The portable monitor is the best one for office use, watching movies but I won’t recommend it for playing games. Moreover, its performance is on top of the line along with its low response time. Apart from that, it looks amazing because of its tremendous design. It’s a finest flagship from ASUS that you can get today.


1. Best performance.
2. Awesome design.
3. Slimmer.
4. Best for office and watching movies.
5. Brighter.
6. Better contrast and aspect ratio.
7. Offers protective case.


1. Consume more laptop battery.
2. Doesn’t offer the TV tuner.
3. Not necessarily for playing games.

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