Artificial Intelligence in Motorbike Manufacturing

//Artificial Intelligence in Motorbike Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence in Motorbike Manufacturing

Okay, let us go into the article step by step. When humans first invented the wheel, it was mainly to transport food (animal bodies they hunted). And as time went, the wheel was employed in bullock carts to move from one place to another. Then the Industrial Revolution happened in England, as a result of which wheels in spinning factories became popular. In this article, let us focus on artificial intelligence in motorbike manufacturing.

Now, in 2010 to 2010, another industrial revolution is happening, and it is with computers and other technologies. To be precise, several new technologies have occupied centra space, their names being machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and internet of things.

Harley Davidson

Who has not heard of Harley Davidson, the famous bike? Now the bike’s manufacturers are making use of artificial intelligence and other technologies in their marketing strategy. In combination with the AI firm, Algorithm, it increased revenue by targeting specific audiences and initiating the call of action in the minds of customers.

Artificial Intelligence in Bike Manufacturing

Bike manufacturing involves manual labor. There are still some bike companies which make use of human workers to assemble the motorcycles. Now, did you remember the assembly line found by Henry Ford for his cars? Yes, machines and equipment have come, but still, people assemble bikes. Usually, to build a bike, you need a team of five to six persons.


But what if a problem comes up? That is where you need experienced hands? If a simple problem arises, then the veteran mechanics solve the problem with their experience. But there are times when a problem does not get solved. And unless recorded in the database of knowledge tool, then the entire team has to work out a solution. Now, if all the problems had got stored in the knowledge tool, and the same problem occurred after a decade, then the management, by means of the AI tool can look into the solution, and solve the problem in quick time. In this article, this aspect can be termed as the first benefit of Artificial intelligence in motorbike manufacturing.


-Dangerous Work

Does bike manufacturing make use of dangerous work? Yes. The personnel had to weld certain iron parts and usually, these jobs will be repetitive. If AI has been implemented, it can take care of these manual dangerous jobs that do not require intervention or human assistance.

Motorbike And Emotions

Ask a bike rider of the value of his bike. He will promise that the bike is always and will remain his first loving, ever-loving girlfriend. Now, if only the bike has emotions and can listen to his feelings. Is this possible? Companies such as Kawasaki and BMW have made it possible. Now, their bikes strive to improve the safety of the riders and make the experience more excellent.

But there is a disadvantage also. The press has so far been one-sided. The media has always focused on self-driving cars, electric driver cars and AI manned cars, but they have given scant attention to motorcycle technology.

The bike giant, Kawasaki has already announced that the future bikes from its stable will feature on Natural Language Dialogue System. In other words, the bike will have enough technical information to adjust to the preferences as well as riding habits of your calibre. Based on your body language, and the way you handle the accelerator and other parts, the bike will get to know your intentions and emotions. Without a doubt, can’t you call it as the best example of artificial intelligence in the motorbike manufacture industry?

One Rider Bike

There is one aspect which every bike rider loves to hear. If you are one, you can share anything in your world, apart from family members and yes, of course, your bike. Being a bike lover, you can never lend your bike to another. These bikes are called as one-rider bikes. Yes, you know the reasons for every sound that the bike makes.

Now, the same concept has been applied to bikes of the future. Based on your riding skills and style, the bike will very soon develop a rhythm and ensure a range of settings to improve the performance. No wonder, will your safety level get increased but operating the motorbike will also get easier.


These changes are easier to read. But when the times get for implementation, then Kawasaki has to take more factors in its consideration such as brakes, suspension, and acceleration settings. But yes, the changes will definitely come in the riding experience.

Future Motorcycles

We have focused on the Kawasaki motorbike. Now let us see what the BMW has to offer. It has the Vision Next 100 concept which has the system to keep the bike always upright on every situation. It will also include the Visor Glasses, that can give you every information about road conditions and bike performance. In combination with the Digital Companion system, it can make adjustments to enhance your riding experience and the safety of the bike.


The bikes from Kawasaki to BMW can bring a change in the relationships between man as well as motorcycles.


Technological innovations have always brought out the best in any industry. Now, bike manufacturing companies are competing with each other to implement AI in their units. Through this step, they want to gain an advantage over their competitors. And the changes have not happened only in motorbike manufacturing, but also in other sectors concerning this industry. Shall we take a case study?

Imagine you are in Bangalore. You use a bike to commute to the office. Now, on the way to the office, your bike gets punctured. Instead of pulling the bike to the nearest destination, you download the app of the best home maintenance company which provides breakdown bike assistance in Bangalore. Now while placing the request on phone via the call, you do not know if the discussion is with a chatbot or human. The responses will be apt and to the point. So Artificial intelligence has even stepped into the bike customer care service sector. And more benefits are about to come. Let us wait for the best!

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