5 Reasons to Visit Jibhi right now

//5 Reasons to Visit Jibhi right now

5 Reasons to Visit Jibhi right now

Jibhi is a mesmerizing valley in the lap of Himalayas where the time has stopped and it welcomes everyones with a peaceful hug as soon as you keep your first feet into the paddy fields of Jibhi. Jibhi is long away from all the chaos of Himachal Pradesh and you can reach here from Aut by taking a cab from there or take a bus till Banjar Valley then take a local HP bus to Jibhi Valley. It is filled with wooden houses of your dreams and a walk in Jibhi will left you wandering at how did they built a house there or there or somewhere on top of that hill isolated away from all the chaos of this world.

If you are already planning  trip to Jibhi then must read these 13 tips before visiting the Jibhi Valley.


1. The relaxing nature of Jibhi

Unwinding yourself in the lap of Himalayas is probably one of the main reason why you should drop all your plans and visit Jibhi. The unheard valley is less of a touristic nature but more as a place which reclaims its rustic nature in every particle found in the beautiful valley. With many homestays to choose from you have plethora of place to stay on your next visit to jibhi but I must warn you that many of them are so isolated and unheard that they might want you to extend your holidays in Jibhi so please be aware of the addiction of relaxation in Jibhi.


2. Scenic Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass is a high mountain pass at a rise of 10,800 ft (3.120m) over the ocean level, arranged in the Kullu area of Himachal Pradesh, in India. The pass is the closest mountain pass from Delhi, around 600 km away, and includes on each experience vacationer’s guide.

Ensure you get your vehicle and yourself all around arranged before driving this path. At the highest point of the Jalori pass there are eateries accessible to take lunch, and a Mahakali sanctuary known as Jalori Mata, visited by a large number of fans from the adjacent towns. Jalori Pass is the primary Indian pass to open each year, and is driveable by all vehicles, yet are encouraged to go down in first rigging just, as indicated by Indian signs. This pass stays shut in crest on winter as it were. So in long stretches of December, January and February you have to check before utilizing this path. Typically opens around second seven day stretch of March each year and closes mid december, contingent upon the snow.

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3. Beautiful Homestays

You will probably feel that why is this one of the prominent reason but this was my perception before visiting Jibhi and everything has now changed regarding homestay after my trip to Jibhi valley. There are homestays everywhere in Jibhi and they are the heart of the backpacking culture in Jibhi since they are the only one providing accomodation there. Some of the homestays are as beautiful as you can found around the whole India since they are beside the river within the silent valley of Jibhi. The owners of these Homestays are even more beautiful than the property since the people of Jibhi are lovely and helpful who will help you in any case of emergency or issues without making any big claim about it.


4. Beautiful waterfall hiding in the Jungle

Only a km away from the Main valley the beautiful waterfall is hiding into the jungle of jibhi which will make you fall in love with the place since you have to reach here through beautiful bridges which are total of 4 and these small cute bridges will make you want to remember your childhood. This waterfall runs throughout the year and during the summers it is one of the most beautiful sight to visit in Jibhi. It is also the most visited place in Jibhi since the reach is pretty close to the most of the homestays and there will be no harm observing the gushing waterfall in the green mist of Jungle.

5. Rustic Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi was the transcending apex of the whole Kullu Valley and I couldn’t hang tight to set my eyes upon it. I had perused in some book that it was a standout amongst the most dazzling Tower Temples of Himachal Pradesh, totally worked with stone and wood. It is said to have been harmed in the Kangra quake of 1905 and the main two stories were pulverized. In the present day, Chehni Kothi is a five story structure.

Starting from Shringi Rishi Temple, there was a very much characterized trail to reach Chehni (Chaini) town. The trail passed through excellent cedar woods, apricot blooms, tranquil apple plantations dispossessed of leaves and a short overcast cover made me feel very virus. In the wake of strolling for 45 minutes, I went over a single house and inquired as to whether I was going the correct way? They demonstrated to me the way from where I should climb and I would almost certainly observe the transcending Chehni Kothi from a far distance.

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